I work with women like you, who are ready to get off the never-ending dieting cycle and finally find peace with their body so they can bring more joy and satisfaction into their lives. 

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TL/DR: After years of chronic dieting and terrible body image, I have found peace with my body, the highest level of health of my life and the freedom to live my life on my terms. This is coupled with the absolute JOY that comes from owning and loving my body for the masterpiece it is. 

As for the fancy credentials that support the work I do: I have a masters in Biomedical Science and Kinesiology, am a Senior Lecturer at Simon Fraser University (Teach classes in nutrition, obesity, health promotion, anatomy), an authour of two nutrition textbooks, a motivational speaker and am the founder and co-chair of our department’s Mental Wellness and Engagement Committee. 

Oh! And I freaking LOVE it when people own their power and shine their gorgeous, unique light on the world. It lights me the heck up!

Ok…that’s the short version…

For those that like a story: (I see you, boo)

I’ve never felt more healthy and confident in my body…but it was a long path here:

Before grade 5, I was a happy, confident, joyful kid; just wanting to play and laugh and spend time with my friends. 

But after a summer visiting family in South America – and being showered with love in the form of sweet bread – my body changed, and so did my experience with life.

I was now obese and everyone around me knew it and made fun of me for it.

I felt lonely, insecure and unworthy.

I blamed my body.

I convinced myself that my larger body was the reason I wasn’t good enough or acceptable. I convinced myself that I would only be happy once I forced my body to lose weight and look like what I thought a so-called ‘good body’ looked like.

And so began a life-long war between my body and my mind.

The more I researched and tried different diets, exercises, pills and fads, the more I felt distant from my body and the angrier I became at it.

I then turned to science for help.

I studied biomedical science in my undergrad and kinesiology for my masters and learned about all the genetic, environmental, psychological and biological reasons why some people are larger than others.

“I convinced myself that I would only be happy once I forced my body to lose weight and look like what I thought a so-called ‘good body’ looked like”

Diana Bedoya About Me Forest
Diana Bedoya Forest

But this knowledge did little to heal my body issues.

I then got into teaching and had the joy of delivering courses in health, nutrition, health promotion and obesity to university students. I delighted in teaching them how to be healthy physically, mentally and socially.

But part of me felt like a hypocrite because of how large and uncomfortable I felt in my own body.

I continued to feel insecure and unworthy.

So my mind pushed harder and harder and tried more and more to keep my body at a size that it felt was acceptable; a size that would make me worthy.

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I felt frustrated, bitter and tired.

Until one day, I decided to stop fighting.

I decided to surrender to the fact that, despite what my mind thought it wanted, my body would always be different than other people’s bodies. And I realized that if I wanted to feel at peace and live my life with confidence, that I had to work with my body instead of against it.

I thus committed to listening to my body instead of just telling it what to do.

My mind and body are no longer in conflict because they both know how to listen to each other and take care of each other. My mind knows how to interpret my body’s messages and it does so lovingly and without shame or guilt. My mind is no longer confused about how my body works best, and it knows how to feel in control of my eating and exercising, while listening to my body’s own wisdom for direction. They now work together to bring me joy instead of fighting against each other for control.

FINALLY, I am once again a happy, joyful, confident kid, who plays and laughs and spends time with her friends! (and girl, do I like to have fun!)

There is peace in my heart, a spring in my step and more light in my eyes.

The delight is back, and everything seems possible.

Because it is.

And it’s not just possible for me; It is 100% possible for you too!

Let’s take the first steps there together…

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