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Spending your life stressing about your body is keeping you small, my love.

You deserve the joy that comes from feeling confident in your body and at peace with your mind.

You deserve to walk into any room and feel like you belong there.

You deserve to look in the mirror and have kind things to say to the person looking back at you.

You deserve to live out your soul’s purpose knowing that your health is covered and your mind feels good in the body you walk around in.

Trust me when I tell you that finding confidence and joy in your body is a power move

When you finally turn off the external voices that keep you small and own the body you are blessed to have, you change the world for every little girl who has ever felt less than for how she looked. 

You change the world by loving yourself.

I teach women how to heal the relationship between their body and their mind, find their best body and bring back the JOY to their lives!


There are a lot of people out there saying they know what’s best for you and your body.

I am not one of them.

After 15 years of teaching university-level nutrition, health promotion and anatomy courses and after developing and teaching one of the world’s only courses on obesity and weight management, I know the science of what it takes to be healthy – and my teaching awards suggest I am pretty darn good at teaching it.

…but, more importantly, after the seemingly endless years of my own struggles with my weight, self-worth and body image, I know that what works for one person is very different than what works for another.

We each have our unique health and body story, and our own unique map back to how we can finally feel healthy and alive in our bodies again.

I use science-based practices, powerful psychology tools and a whole lot of heart and compassion to help you draw out YOUR map of what is finally going to work for YOU.

My goal is for you to never need a weight-loss guru, a fad diet or a ridiculous piece of exercise equipment again.

My goal is for you to finally trust and love and care for your body in a way that helps you live out the highest expression of your life.

You deserve this so very badly!

The Appetite Mastery Manual

One of the biggest lies we are fed is that weight management is easy for everyone, and that is is as simple as ‘just eat less’.

Another lie you have been told is that to feel in control of your eating you have to go on some expensive, unsustainable diet that is going to make you feel crappy and further distrust your body.

Science tells us a different story.

It has consistently shown that an overactive appetite is the main thing that makes people eat too much — and that the path to appetite mastery is different for everyone.

While appetite mastery is just one of the things that contribute to feeling good in your body, it is that foundational that I want you to know the basics.

In this free E-book I simplify the complexity of appetite and explain why eating moderately is so difficult for so many of us – and, more importantly – what you can do about it.

Diana Bedoya Ebook Appetite Mastery Manual
Diana Bedoya Ebook Appetite Mastery Manual



I love to teach. It is my gift and my passion. 

My two favorite things to teach about are weight and self worth… probably because they are the two things I have struggled with the most in my life. It thus brings me so much joy to watch people understand, connect with and love their bodies from a place of fundamental self-worth, because that is when our magic can truly start to shine. 


When your mind finally stops fighting with your body, your heart is finally free to express itself fully.

When you discover this mind-body-heart harmony, you sine and become unstoppable!





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